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Our Studio

Home to our creativity is in our very own Uniquely designed place. Our studio was designed to be a place where people would be excited to come to everyday and where they would have everything they need to feel inspired and challenged. We like to make our clients feel at home at UnoiaTech too to share our creative atmosphere.

Our Values


We are a team with a vision-driven approach when it comes to App Development. We are in this field to follow our creative passion for it, not just to make a buck.

Pixel Perfect

We think of Apps as something that make people’s lives better and easier. Every piece of code, every pixel designed for an App is aimed at adding value to someone’s life.

We are Pretty Choosy

Our hard work has paid off. We now have the freedom to be selective and CHOOSE the ideas that we want to work on. WE decide if the apps are cool and challenging enough for our team to work on.

Nothing But the Best Will Do

Once we take responsibility of an app, we treat it just like our own baby and like any proud parent we want our kid to outperform everyone else in the world!

Call a Spade a Spade

We don’t pretend a bad App is the greatest thing since instant noodles just to get into someone’s good graces. We’re very particular about shaking people back to reality, whether they are clients or colleagues.


We make sure that every person in the team feels proud of everything that is created by the team. Even the coffee!

Career Opportunities

We’re on the look out for creative people with an innate enthusiasm,talent and positive attitude that inspires colleagues and clients alike.

Marketing & Content Strategist

Top Skills: ...
Location : New York, US

Front-End Developer 1 years

Top Skills: JavaScript/jQuery, Html, Css, Bootstrap
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Full Stack Developer 2 years

Top Skills: React js, Node.js, php
Location: Mohali, Punjab, India

Sales Development Representative 1 years

Top Skills: ...
Location: Mohali, Punjab, India

Content Writer 1 years

Top Skills: ...
Location: Mohali, Punjab, India

PHP Developer 1 years

Top Skills: ...
Location: New York, US

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