Engagement Models

An Engagement Model is a framework that shapes the relationship between a client and an outsourcing supplier you choose for the duration of your project.

UnoiaTech follows a sophisticated and flexible strategy to meet your business needs while also keeping in mind the changing scenario in IT outsourcing. Our Engagement Models are transparent and aim to deliver value for money.

The three engagement models that best suit our solutions and services are described below.

Cloud Employee


Outsourced software developers Hire a software developer or team remotely Employees communicate with you and follow your processes.


You want to avoid hassles of hiring and training You want to speak to the developers and guide them yourself You want developers to report directly to you.


Tell us what you’re looking for We will provide you with a shortlist of talented candidates Pay on an hourly or weekly basis.

Time and Cost Bound


Fixed cost and time contract A dynamic team works on your project for a fixed cost or time limit or both One that works well for small and medium size projects


You have a clear vision of what you want You have financial constraints You have other priorities


We gather the business requirements from you Budget and timeline is decided beforehand A project manager oversees the progress and reports to you

Scrum Team


A development team for full-time or part-time hire. A team that works with your in-house team. Scalable if necessary.


Your talent pool is limited. You need assistance on your project. You need experienced developers.


Specify your project requirements.We evaluate each project based on its individual requirements. We will provide you with a pool of candidates who will be approved by you.


Unoiatech follows a sophisticated
strategy to meet your needs.

Standardized Approach

Flexible Resource Allocation

Flexible Resource

Cost saving

Fast Delivery

Maintained support

Available Professionals

Marketing & Content Strategist

Top Skills: ...
Location : New York, US

Front-End Developer 1 years

Top Skills: JavaScript/jQuery, Html, Css, Bootstrap
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Full Stack Developer 2 years

Top Skills: React js, Node.js, php
Location: Mohali, Punjab, India

Sales Development Representative 1 years

Top Skills: ...
Location: Mohali, Punjab, India

Content Writer 1 years

Top Skills: ...
Location: Mohali, Punjab, India

PHP Developer 1 years

Top Skills: ...
Location: New York, US

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