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Hi, we’re unoiatech. We make software products for unicorns.

How Unoiatech helped to Build a $900M SAAS

February 28, 2024


Clubhouse Redesign

Social Media, Audio Chat


Patient Registry System

Healthcare, SaaS

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What we do

We’ve created software products for over a hundred businesses around the world. We understand your business & scaling goals whether you are


Just entering the market, raising a series A round or have an established enterprise business


looking to massively level up your software product or all of the above


have a fintech, crypto & Web 3.0, or an edtech product you want to build or enhance

Who we are

We’re a remote team of creative professionals who are passionate about building tech products

Our curiosity drives us to study how the world works. Besides creating great projects, we are passionate about:


studying the past through our stylized unoia originals


challenging today with our decentrallised culture, new creative approaches and tools


exploring the future with our crypto-friendliness, NFTs and Web 3.0 clients

To know us better, you could read our clients’ reviews, about us, how we work, check out our Instagram, or just wander a little more on this very website.

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