Around 70% to 85% percent of the companies today are SaaS-based and so there is cutthroat competition in each field. Standing out becomes a necessity to succeed in this world, which is why we have compiled the 10 best marketing strategies that will help you grow your business faster.

SaaS companies are gaining popularity every day with the increased number of cloud-based services that can be provided. To gain a substantial customer base, you need to attract the attention of the customers and give them an incentive for buying your product, which makes you better.

1. Clearly Display the Price

Offering your product as a service means that the customer is subscribing to it. Clearly highlight the price so that the customer does not bother by looking for it and get annoyed. It is a known fact that pricing has a direct impact on sales. Be upfront about it to your customers. Construct your pricing page in such a manner that the decision of buying your product for the user is quick.

For example, Netflix mentions its price clearly on its page so that it will help the customer make a decision without any hassle.

2. Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaign

While search engine optimization is the most cost-effective strategy for customer acquisition, a PPC campaign is an efficient market tactic.
In the initial stages, when there is not a lot of site traffic, this is a useful tactic to attract the crowd. Use relevant keywords in your content to display on search engine inquiries.

For example, Semrush is a tool used by saas marketers for finding relevant keywords in a PPC campaign.

It will help you strategize your marketing plan and track the site traffic. Be sure to convey the value proposition of your ad clearly to attract users. Even though PPC is costly, a lot of companies still prefer it because it is scalable.

3. Generate Qualified Leads by using Content Marketing

The top marketing strategy for a saas business for lead generation is content marketing. Maintaining a blog and posting top-notch content on the website increases the traffic on the site and helps you acquire more customers. However, this is not as easy as it sounds as creating regular content and posting it on time is tough. There are some tools that can help you create content easily like HubSpot.

Incorporate search engine optimization into the content for it to show up in popular search results. Content includes both visual and textual, so focus on both equally. Your landing page will decide the lead generation, so that should be your prime focus. The effectiveness of content marketing has inspired many saas businesses to start their own blog and publish content as part of the marketing strategy.

4. Using SEO for generating Leads

Search engine optimization goes hand in hand with content marketing. Its main purpose is to increase the site traffic and the outreach of your product by reaching a relevant target audience. On-page SEO techniques have become a requirement for almost all businesses to increase their ranking and drive referral traffic.

5. Providing Free Trial as a Bait

The top successful companies like Adobe, Netflix, etc, all of them provide a free trial of their product to lure in their customer. A free trial gives the customer the opportunity to test out the product and feel its need before paying for that service. This assures the customer of the quality of the product and helps them put their trust in you. Once people start with the paid plan, they will continue with their subscription.
Keep your plans limited to avoid confusion in the customer’s mind.

6. Make Sign-Ups Easy

The process of buying the product for the customer should be hassle-free for their convenience and ease. A long or tiring process is not promising as the customer will fear similar experiences in the future. Project your best features on the surface to lure in the user and so signing up has to be very easy. A case study by Content Verve found that a simplified three-step form increased the conversions by 30%.

7. Improve Customer Experience

SaaS businesses thrive only on the response of their customers and how they perceive the product. Your main source of income is the subscription that a customer pays and so it is your duty to provide a good and satisfying customer experience. Make it as personalized as possible as that really appeals to the customers. You could also send in regular emails and provide a live chat option on the website in case a user encounters some problem that needs help.

8. Offer Attractive Deals

Good deals are distributed every now and then keep the customer happy. A lot of companies provide long-term discounts, keeping in mind this strategy to grow their business. For example, Jio offered free unlimited internet to everyone initially. That was their incentive for acquiring customers. As soon as everyone got addicted to Jio, they changed it to a paid plan. Offering such lucrative deals to the customers always works in your favor.

9. Site Reviews

A person unfamiliar with your product and site will instinctively check out the reviews of it first before browsing your website.
Hence, having good reviews matters a lot.

10. Reward Customers for Referrals

Every big company offers amazing rewards for a customer getting referrals which makes them go out of their way to get referrals. This is how real marketing works, exchange of services for the profit of both sides. For example, Gpay gives 21 rupees to the customer joining from someone’s referral and everyone gets attracted to money. This is why the user base of Gpay is so large because they provide so many lucrative rewards.