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Service-Packages for Startups

We offer 4 Types of Service-Packages so that each and every client can find something applicable for their projects.

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UnoiaTech made it possible for you to get what you want at a given time and cost.

Pre Pitch

You have a rough idea and you are looking for Investors


If your idea already has already taken shape or you have come up with the design


You already have an MVP and want to scale it up using an outsourced team


You have an existing project with revenue and you are looking for a team

How it works

Our workflow is super simple:

  • Project brief
  • User journey
  • User flow
  • Wireframes
  • Clickable prototype
  • Technical solution
  • Preliminary estimation and a roadmap
  • Roadmap
  • Technical solution for the product
  • Working Minimum
  • Viable Product (MVP)
  • Project documentation package
  • A finally ready-to-use application made with love, using the best IT practices and solutions

Within the frames of growth, we offer you the assistance of different experts from The UnoiaTech team, who would help you to develop your project further. We are sure that you know better what your users’ needs are and what the development concept is, so there will be no roadmaps on how to build the project. But we don’t mind to guide you, though 😉 Minimum cooperation time in frames of this package is 3 months.

We do not want to waste your money, so the main point of our collaboration is to help make your team as productive as possible.