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Top 6 High-Demand SaaS Ideas – Our Top Picks

Top 6 High-Demand SaaS Start-up Ideas

1. AI Marketing Tools

As most of us are aware of the tools ChatGPT, Jasper, etc. the AI tools are leading the market currently. These tools have eradicated the need for us to do a lot of work, like content creation, writing code for a program and so much more. The internet is flooded with positive reviews of these tools that have made our day-to-day life more accessible and convenient. It is a game changer for marketing as it has changed the entire process and strategy.

For example, if you ask the AI tool ChatGPT to put together a complete marketing brief for a business that sells B2B saas founders, it will compile the full marketing brief for you. You can further direct the tool to create a tool by giving the necessary directions at each step. It can even write blogs, emails, or anything that you ask the AI tool to produce. AI marketing seems to be the future of all marketing tactics with its tremendous growth and ease of effort.

Examples: ChatGPT, Jasper

Jasper AI

2. Cyber Security

With every task of our everyday life dependable on technology, it is essential to secure it and secure our privacy. With cookies and the granted permissions, the web knows almost every detail of your lifestyle but it is important for that information to fall into the wrong hands. This is where cyber security comes into play. The issue of dealing with cyber security is ever-growing with an increasing leak of passwords and sensitive information on the web.

So, this would be a good opportunity to build technology like VPNs, or hooks into the firewall, etc. which can help monitor attacks by a hacker. With access to just an email id, a hacker can have the access to everything including your bank passwords and other information. For anyone with a security bent, this is a huge market with a lot of opportunities awaiting you.

3. AI Supported Customer Support

Reviewing the product of a company is essential in the process of marketing. For the past decade, the companies have received emails from their customers about the software, features, or services and they have responded to them. The company has a feedback loop set in place where they have loaded all the data to help out the customer.

The scope in this line comes in by customizing this AI bot for a specific company. Every company has different needs based on its product type and target market. Modifying an already existing tool to customize it for the company is a cherry on top for the company. This could greatly affect AI customer support. The tool already has access to all the emails and the information it needs from the company. This eradicates the need for a customer support team.

4. Connected Sensors

This is a combination of the Internet of Things and SaaS. The field of connected sensors has reached the peak of its exponential curve. With the help of VLSI technology, the size of the chips is decreasing and so is their price. Advancement in the field of electronics has greatly helped modernize everything. A connected sensor helps connect all the things and update their software on time; a management layer of software manages all the devices.

So if you wish to build something that is sticky, incredibly valuable, and something that customers do not mind paying for is to build the tooling, the insights, the data, the tracking, and the management system for these sensors that are being installed everywhere. This is a huge upcoming trend in the market.

5. Digital Twinning

In layman’s terms, digital twinning refers to duplicating the hardware of a design and creating a digital representation of it. The purpose of doing it is to simplify things. For example, a hardware product that a lot of people are using. To retrain all of those people who are using a previous generation of that technology, before releasing the actual product, you can get the customers used to the final product with the help of the digital version. The time that is spent in getting it passed from the tractors is now utilized by training your customers.

You can even use sensors or laser scanners to digitally twin a building or a space. There are even drones designed for this specific purpose; drones that can go in, scan and reproduce the 3D drawing into a digital drawing. It is a quick and efficient method as there is no manual labor in this process.

Building software as a service to provide infrastructure workflow, analysis of the digital twins, and analysis of that space is a growing space of technology with several opportunities if the field interests you. The scope in this line of work is huge.

6. No Code Platforms

There are several no-code platforms like bubble, glide, etc. there are companies earning millions of dollars a month whose software was designed by these no-code platforms. The need to write a code is no longer there. The only thing that you require is an insight into the experience of the customer, their needs, and the problems they face; awareness about the customer.

You can go from an idea to an app within weeks by implementing it with these no-code platforms. You do not have to even maintain the code base as the AI tool will do everything for you. You can build a no-code platform and step into the game.