Idea – A thought or a collection of thoughts that generate in a mind. An idea can be generated both intentionally and unintentionally.
As creative people, we all come up with ideas which can range from fairly good to incredible to outright bad. As someone who thinks he or she has a million-dollar idea for an online business which is going to change the world, there is a lot more to it than just a thought. There are far more important aspects to focus on, rather than worrying about someone stealing your idea. Here’s why.

An idea is not usually unique. There are probably a million others who have the same idea as you have or a variation of it. It’s more than likely thousands of those have already tried to execute it and succeeded to some degree. There’s a reason why you cannot legally copyright an idea.

Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen!


An idea alone is never enough. It is a very small part of a working business. A successful business is 1% idea and 99% execution. Execution takes passion, a lot of dedication and tireless hard work. Don’t confuse your passion with your attachment to an idea. There are far more important aspects you should be looking into like raising money, assembling a team and trying to execute the projects. You cannot just settle back and congratulate yourself for having a good idea and worry about someone stealing your idea.

Get Feedback


Did you know that sharing your idea with other people will give you more ideas? Tell your entrepreneurial friends, family, colleagues and mentors about it. You will be getting much-needed external input and feedback about whether the idea has a potential or not. Sit down and brainstorm together to come up with a host of ideas, each possibly better than the last. This way you can actually have some feedback that you can consider, use it to address problems and improve on your idea. Consult an IT service provider to see if the idea is technically sound and feasible and what it would take to implement it. This will help you reduce the risk of spending time and money on something that didn’t have weight in the first place.

If you think your idea is “I-am-the-only-one-with-this-idea” -kind original, you won’t have to worry about someone stealing your idea. We are all biased to think that people care as much about an original idea as we do. Besides that, it’s impossible to be in a market with no competition.

“Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats."

- Howard H. Aiken

What’s Next?


You have an idea which is technically sound and feasible. The next step is to not worry about people stealing your idea, but to implement the idea and execute it into an actually functional product (a website or a mobile app). You’re going to invest your time, efforts and money which is why it’s important to select the right IT partner. The right partner will ensure that you get the technology solution that works for your project and implements it in a way that supports your immediate as well as future goals.

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Final Word

Don’t fall in love with your ideas. Don’t skimp on consulting knowledgeable experts and collaborating with a service partner. Reduce the risk of overspending and validate your idea by planning a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The first and foremost goal should not be to overbuild but rather develop core functionality. Everything else comes later.

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