Out Of Options is an on-demand mobile app that allows users to get quick help regarding small jobs at home. The app also allows users to find local deals in their neighborhood.


Getting your app noticed in a saturated app market is challenging which makes marketing and advertising the app mandatory. Otherwise, the app will get lost in the increasingly crowded market of apps. An effective mobile app marketing strategy plays a central role in mobile app success. Having worked throughout the planning, designing, and development stages of the app, our client Jonas Augustsson wanted us to also design and run an app launch marketing campaign to boost the visibility of the app on online platforms and get the word out there in the real world.

Marketing Campaign

Our marketing campaign included promotion on mobile app marketing platforms such as social media, online forums as well as getting the word out there in public by creating strategic messaging to describe our client’s product.


We had the Out Of Options (O3) app up and running on Apple’s App Store. We designed the app introduction screenshots and made sure these images communicated the solution to the problem that our client was trying to solve.


A Standalone Website

One of the simplest and inexpensive forms of app marketing is creating a standalone website to showcase the functionality and features of the app. A website is always at the core of the brand awareness strategy. So, we decided to set up a website to expand awareness of the app outside of the App Store.


Check out the website to learn more about the app.

Slogan and T-shirt Marketing

A slogan is an essential part of your brand identity. We came up with the “Din lokala tjänster formedlare” slogan in Swedish for the app which translates to “Your Local Service Provider” in English. Paired with the logo, we used it throughout our advertising campaigns including t-shirt designs.


T-shirt marketing helped in getting the word out about the product and it felt like the right tool to market the brand in its initial stage. We also tried different font variations with the slogans for the t-shirts with and without the logo.


Digital Marketing

Some of the features that we highlighted on social media are the app’s integration with BankID, an electronic user identification solution in Sweden, Stripe payment gateway and Swish which is a popular mobile payment system in Sweden.

These integrations played a very important role in securing and simplifying the user experience.


Social Media Ads

Our research indicated that Facebook and Instagram were two of the most popular social media platforms in Sweden. As per a survey conducted by Cint on the distribution of social media use in Sweden, 28% of social media users were active on Facebook and about 16% were active Instagram users. With the majority of users being mobile-based, we created mobile-targeted ads to call audiences based on their age group, profession and interests.


We shared Instagram and Twitter posts that targeted direct app installations.



We choose the following partnerships for a smooth app launch and service experience.


Attended Nyköpings Bomässa 2018

To boost the app’s press coverage, we attended the popular fair in Nyköping, Södermanland County, Sweden and let people come and test our app. We made sure everyone had an incredible experience with the app and answered questions they had regarding the app.

Swedish news website Södermanlands Nyheter (Södermanlands News) covered the launch event.


A Final Word About The Project

Working on the Out Of Options (O3) app from the ground up was exciting, which is why we decided to share our mobile app marketing campaign. We also received feedback from the client in real-time throughout the project development and had an opportunity to test our app with future users.

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