Hear from one of our interns what is life like when you are a part of the team at UnoiaTech.

30th October 2019

It has been three months since I have been working at UnoiaTech. This internship has provided me with experience in the corporate world that I always wanted to explore. Life as an intern is amazing and challenging, but it’s fun nevertheless.

I still remember how excited I was when I was given the responsibility of the work phone and how I used to stammer and get nervous while talking on the phone. Now my phone conversations are smooth and I’m getting better at my job with each passing day.

Hi! This is Varnika and this is how my day goes as a Human Resources intern.

Varnika Narang

9:30 AM

I get to the office bright and early (most of the days at least!) and we carry out the most important duty of the day, i.e. planning. My mentor and I get together and define our tasks for the day and time required to complete each one of them.

Here’s what my desk looks like. (Always protected by Ant-Man of course!)

10:00 AM

It’s time to get to work. So what is my job really like? And what does an HR Intern really have to offer in an organization?

My job mainly involves hiring (and firing! I haven’t had to fire anyone yet *phew*) and a few general maintenance tasks. My daily routine consists of screening CVs, taking telephonic interviews and attending phone calls on behalf of the HR Department.

1:30 PM

It’s time for lunch and the activity we planned for the team. Here’s what we do. 🙂

unoiatech members

We could be rehearsing with our superpowers to audition for the next Avengers.

unoiatech images

2:30 PM

Getting back to workkk.

This is when I get on with looking and editing photos for the company’s social media handles and planning for this week’s Team Engagement activity.

Add to that some LinkedIn browsing, e-mails, writing, taking up phone calls and lining up with the candidates.

6:00 PM

Getting rid of the SCRUM (that’s where we keep track of all our tasks) and writing my daily report.

I list all the tasks that I completed today and push pending tasks to the next day, follow up with my mentor and then finally go home.

The Big Round-Up

My three months at UnoiaTech consisted of approximately 800 hours of work made with a mix of being totally confused to kind of understanding what’s going on with my work-life. It included tasks ranging from telephonic interviews and screening CVs to shopping for activities along with organizing the most fun parties with my mentor to creating content for social media to lots and lots of e-mails. This internship introduced me to cool new music and some really lovely people who made me feel at home, away from home.


Thank you. I hope you enjoyed reading this.