Software as a Service is the business of providing your product to the customer through the means of a monthly or annual subscription. SaaS marketing is the marketing that focuses on developing awareness, particularly of the product that the company is selling. It promotes the software as a product and helps it gain popularity amongst the masses and to position the product for the customers.

SaaS Marketing Strategy Guide

Marketing is the only means to outsource your product to the users. Without marketing, the worth of your product does not matter because the target audience is not aware of its existence. This is why marketing is considered essential for making your business reach its pinnacle. Following are some top-tier strategies that we filtered out for your convenience.

1. Build Microsatellite Content Hubs

Microsatellites are the content hubs that focus on just one topic; in simple terms, they are referred to as microsatellite content hubs. Go a step beyond. If you have a blog, then delete it and publish a magazine. That is how you grow your business. These microsatellite content hubs are hypes focused on the core area of knowledge, so they have their own UX and look and feel. For example, if you are preparing content targeted for CEOs, you will have to frame it in bite-sized snippets or your content will be skimmed through altogether. A 5-minute video is best for busy people that you want to pitch to.

2. Right Place, Right Time

Place your product videos meticulously where people of interest are more likely to see them. Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year than written content.

Albeit, preparing a video is a much more tedious task than writing a short article, outsourcing your product through a video is an effective marketing strategy. Even if you are ready to put in the time and effort on preparing videos, the method of distribution also matters a lot. As is very obvious, YouTube is an amazing place to build a video for marketing your SaaS business.

You can clear the general doubts that the users have to generate their interest and keep them hooked to the content.

Remember to distribute your videos evenly in emails and other social media platforms. Some of the tools that you can use for the easy creation of the videos are Veed, Piktochart, etc. While creating the video, keep a strategy in your mind and stick to it rather than making it chaotic just for the sake of including everything.

3. Fuel Growth by Building a Community

From day 1 focus on building a strong community regardless of the strength of your community. Every member of your community has some contribution to make and brings something unique to the table. This diversity will make your business flexible.

Managing the community itself can prove to be quite the task, so you will have to brainstorm a few strategies to keep the members of your community engaged.

A few methods that have proven useful for other companies as per our research are-

  • Finding Ambassadors
    Find people who are capable of leading a community and representing it the right way. Orator skills are especially useful here.
  • Foster Connections
    Give the members of the community the right opportunities to connect and share their thoughts. Group discussions within the community are a healthy sign of a thriving business.

4. Identifying Customer Needs Beyond the Product

Your business thrives and your business is successful because there is a need for it in the market. Identifying what exactly the customer demands and how your product can deliver it are the key.

Research into your current user base and form customer profiles based on various criteria that have been defined for these things like demographics, behavior, etc.

Conduct surveys and get to know what is lacking and what the user wants. Once you have the information in your hand, as to what you providing and what more is needed, you can work on refining your product.

However, do not lose sight of the core product during this product because the main attraction should always be that.

5. Targeting Efficiently

With the revolutionizing technology, various tools are being developed to improve the marketing strategies for saas businesses.
If you want to elevate your marketing strategies, try bringing variations into the content and building a flow.
You will have to personalize the content for each customer base as their needs vary.

6. Define How You Are Going to Measure Success

There is no particular definition of success, and nor is there a fixed bar that you have to reach. You could be successful with a thousand customers or a million customers, it depends on your ambitions and targets.

Establish KPIs to identify and enhance your marketing strategies.

7. Set a Content Marketing Strategy in Place

Create a routine for posting regularly and set a plan into place. Publish all the articles, reports, and content that you have created according to a pre-planned timeline. This will help you get regular customers, who become loyal to you for the content that you offer them.

It does not necessarily have to be written content, you can offer content in various forms like images, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.
So, identify your goals and set a distribution strategy in place.

How is SaaS marketing different from digital marketing?

SaaS marketing involves most, if not all, digital marketing elements but what differentiates the two is the customer conversions.
SaaS marketers generally generate a new MRR and focus on long-term customer conversions rather than a single purchase.